Freelance Writing Services FAQs


What subjects do you specialize in?

I have experience in writing on almost any subject but we specialize in business related topics.

What types of writing services do you offer?

I am available for writing web content, articles, whitepapers, and blog posts.

How do we decide on topics?

The topic is up to you. I can write on topics that you select or if you prefer, I can suggest topics based on keyword phrases or competitors’ content. It is totally up to you.

Do you require a contract?

I do not require a contract for orders under $500, but I do ask for a portion of the agreed upon fee in advance. If, however, you prefer to have a signed agreement, please CLICK HERE.

Do I own the content I purchase?

Absolutely, any content you purchase belongs to you.

Will you do revisions if I’m not satisfied?

Definitely. Revisions are offered at no additional charge as long as they are within the scope of work agreed upon at the start of a content project. This means that the overall topic, outline, and length of the content remains the same.

What is your normal Turn-Around Time?

My turn-around time depends on how much is on my plate at the time you place your order. Typically, I can begin working on new orders within a week. If you have a rush deadline, contact me and I’ll do my best to accommodate you.

What are your rates?

The rates are typically based on how long I feel it will take to complete the research (if needed) and then write and edit the article. My goal is to earn $25 per hour which usually translates into a 500-word document. I charge a little extra for including images and for posting to WordPress or Facebook. Just contact me, I’m sure we can work out something favorable for both of us.

Are you available for long term projects?

Yes I am. In fact,  I’m willing to discount my rates for long term projects and set up milestones for delivery and payments.