For every business owner who is looking to get their product or service in front of potential clients, not using social media advertising should not be an option. It is simply a no-brainer, and yet there are still many businesses that refuse to put a social media program in place. There are just too many positive reasons to get your social media marketing program started:


Offline and online consumers want assurance that your business is legitimate. Most consumers do some type of online research before doing business with a company in another state or country. Having a social media presence helps establish your business when you engage with prospects through social media.

Increases your Sphere of Influence 

All business owners know that the bigger your circle of influence becomes, the more people will consider doing business with you. Social media is the absolute cheapest way to interact with people and engage them in your product or service.

Your Competition is Thriving with It 

Keeping up with the competition is important. Your competition is online and engaged by using Facebook and Twitter. If you need proof, do a Google search for your product or service and look closely at the results. You are going to find a ton of listings with links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites. There are tons of businesses out there who report that all of their sales are a result of Facebook leads, and they are paying practically nothing for the advertising. In fact, many of the businesses that answered the survey report they do not have a regular website!

Google counts Social Media towards Ranking 

The more links to your site from social media sites, the higher Google will rank your site. When users refer to your website, articles or video, it is indicative that users find your content helpful, and that is what Google wants and they will reward you for it with a higher ranking.

It’s the same as Word of Mouth 

Every business knows that word of mouth advertising is golden. Many businesses survive because of it. Having an engaging social media presence is like having customers tell others, and those others tell even more. Think about it. How many people can you expose your business to with social media? More than you can imagine.